The best strategy for managing waste is to prevent waste in the first place. That’s why we upcycle.

The Environmental Protection Agency says source reduction—also known as waste prevention—is the most environmentally preferred strategy for getting rid of used products.

Finding new uses for old products keeps them from ever going to a landfill. It conserves energy because none is needed to melt down or decompose a product, as is the case in the recycling process. It reduces greenhouse gas emissions and decreases the toxicity of our waste. And it saves money for consumers and businesses alike.

North American Mattress Upcycling
Better Than Recycling

Zero Waste

We are saving more than 90 percent of mattress and box spring materials we acquire from ever reaching landfills.

Conserves Energy

Unlike recycling, no energy is needed to melt down or decompose a product that’s upcycled.

We Upcycle

Better Than Recycling

Upcycling uses material in its original form as the basis for creating a post-consumer product.