Affordable, Comfortable and Environmentally Responsible

North American Mattress Upcycling (NAMU) is the foundation of a comprehensive system for the responsible removal and upcycling of mattresses that is environmentally sustainable, cost-effective and ultimately provides high-quality mattresses and box springs for those who seek an affordable, comfortable and environmentally responsible choice.


In 1996, fresh from college and newly married, Andy Shifrin partnered in a family company that supplied vinyl and other fabrics to small furniture upholsterers in the Chicago area.

Soon after, while working as a mattress ticking representative, he realized that mattress renovators lacked a source of quality materials. He saw an unmet need for quality sleep surfaces among financially stressed families who need an affordable alternative to traditional, full-price retailers. And he understood the urgency to reduce mattress landfill waste and diminish its danger to the environment.

These guideposts—quality, cost-effectiveness and environmental responsibility—became the founding principles of Chicago Mattress Company. The manufacturer is now the nation’s largest and most innovative mattress upcycler, supplying mattresses to retailers in 23 states. It operates as part of an integrated system with North American Mattress Upcycling, which removes used mattresses and supplies raw materials, and Varsity Green, which serves academic and other institutions with the removal and replacement of dormitory mattresses.

UPCYCLED IN-HOUSEWe're able to upcycle 90% of the mattresses we save from landfills in-house .
UPCYCLED IN TOTALThe remainder is transferred to other manufacturers, resulting in 98% of mattress materials upcycled.


We are working to replace the current, flawed method of mattress disposal that perpetuates environmental hazards for decades and creates dangerous conditions for landfill workers. We envision a fully sustainable system for upcycling the 20 million mattresses that are discarded each year.  Our goal is to generate Zero Waste.

We are ensuring that consumers have access to high-quality, comfortable and affordable mattresses and box springs.  And we are proud to serve families in need through partnerships with community organizations.   

We treat our employees with the respect they deserve and provide meaningful opportunities for their advancement. We are committed to offering long-term, stable employment to the hard-working people who make our business run.



Create a fully sustainable system for upcycling mattresses and lead the way to a more environmentally responsible mattress industry.


Provide high-quality, affordable, comfortable products to consumers who seek a quality sleep surface that is also the most eco-friendly choice.


Make state-of-the-art health and safety practices hallmarks of our work. We are the only mattress upcycler in the nation to earn certification with federal flammability standards.


Andy Shifrin is founder of North American Mattress Upcycling, Chicago Mattress Company and Varsity Green, three components of an integrated system for the responsible removal and upcycling of mattresses and box springs.

Born and raised in suburban Chicago, Shifrin graduated from Colorado State University,  where he developed his deep appreciation for the environment and his commitment to working for a more sustainable way to live and work. He founded Chicago Mattress Company, the manufacturing arm of NAMU, in 1996, and grew it to become the leading mattress renovator in the United States. 

His vision is to create a seamless circle in which used mattresses are removed and upcycled into a post-consumer product, eliminating the need for disposing of harmful mattress waste and vastly reducing energy use and greenhouse emissions that are byproducts of recycling.

Shifrin is a passionate snowboarder, one-wheel enthusiast and outdoorsman.  He is married and lives in Chicago with his wife, Eryn Weber-Shifrin, and three sons Lucas, Simon and Emet.