North American Mattress Upcycling

Changing the mattress industry to benefit the planet

NAMU is the foundation of an eco-friendly system for the responsible removal and upcycling of end-of-life mattresses. Our program delivers quality sleep for today’s customers and a clean and healthy environment for their future generations.
To eliminate waste from the mattress replacement cycle and to bring inspiration and innovation to manufacturers who recognize the importance of environmental stewardship.
To establish the NAMU process as the standard for mattress disposal in every market we serve.
We are committed to a process that will divert over 90% of the material from discarded mattresses from landfills. By upcycling mattresses and box springs, NAMU extracts maximum value from these products, contributing to a circular economy that can be sustained indefinitely.
The upcycling process not only increases the value of existing mattresses and box springs by reducing their end-of-life cost, but it also provides lower cost components for more affordable, high-quality mattresses and box springs that might otherwise be out-of-reach for many consumers.
For every shipment of used mattresses and box springs we upcycle, a Sustainability Report details the percentage of each commodity that has been processed for re-use in the manufacture of a new mattress or recycled as raw material for other products. Open and honest communication with partners and customers ensures that our goals and expectations remain aligned.